Marci counted her steps on her way to the corner market. She made a game of trying to step on each crack, defying the old couplet that Jack chanted beside her. When he started to cry Marci stomped even harder on the next crack. Jack cried louder.

Ignoring her brother Marci walked faster forgetting the cracks and was soon at the store. Inside she hurried to the candy counter. She handed over her two coins for her favorite jelly beans and left, passing her brother on the way out.

Marci plopped on the curb and opened the bag, spilling the contents into her lap. She started pocketing the red ones. She put the rest back in the bag and handed it to Jack. He wiped  his nose with the back of his hand and reached into the bag with grubby fingers. Marci warned him, don’t tell and he nodded.  She took his hand and they walked slowly home missing all the cracks.


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