Flash Fiction-Tattooed

This week’s photo prompt is provided by S. Writings. Thank you S. Writings!

“Hey dude, whose idea was this?”

“You look rockin’, Bro. Why question who thought of it?”

“Well just look! Can’t you see that everyone is staring at us?”

“They’re probably just jealous,”

“No Dude! This is embarrassing. I’m never going to be able to hold up my head again.”

“Bro, do you always have to think it’s all about you? They are staring at me too!”

“Tsn’t removable is it?”

“Tattooing is like branding, stupid.  Of course it’s permanent.”

“We fell into the herd mentality didn’t we?”



18 thoughts on “Flash Fiction-Tattooed

  1. Haha funny comment on tattooing at the end there. That would be such intricate tattooing and such a long process. Probably pretty painful too. I’ve looked into just getting a tattoo I’ve admired for awhile now. I would never get something unless I absolutely loved it, the problem is I have twice gotten near the appointment and I start thinking about how painful it will be 😦 That’s why I think poor Bulls.

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