Love at the Funky Munky



This week’s photo prompt is provided by TJ Paris. Thank you TJ for our photo prompt

This is another take on the prompt: a much lighter theme–The first one was much darker.

Trudy and Cecil meet for the senior lunch special at the Funky Munky. Waiting for the waitress, Cecil says, “The meatloaf sounds good. What do you think you’ll have?”

“Maybe a salad,” Trudy says. “Saves room for pie. Life’s too short to miss dessert.”

“It seems that way. I worry that old age is creeping up on me.”

Trudy laughs, “Don’t look now, but I think it just caught both of us.”

“Don’t joke, Trudy. I really am concerned about getting older.”

“Haven’t you heard? Age is just a number,” Trudy says.

“Too many numbers. And maybe you’ve heard, only wine and cheese age well.”

“And you, Cecil, my dear,” Trudy reaches out to take his hand, “you too are getting better with age.”

Cecil blushes just as the waitress arrives. “We’ll have the cheese platter with two glasses of your best wine,” Cecil says and winks at Trudy.


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