The Road Less Travelled

This week’s photo prompt is provided by Louise with The Storyteller’s Abode. Thank you Louise

The prompt reminded me of Robert Frost’s poem, The Road not Taken.  I wrote in free verse, loosely using the idea. At the end of the first four lines is his title.


When given choices, there is the

tendency to go for the straight road,

but  the easy way more often than not

appeals to the mistaken

idea that life should always be easy.

What a difference

would be made

were we to choose the less trodden

(unhindered by desire to tread the wide road

where others beckon us on)

but make our own way

and end life’s journey

without regret.



13 thoughts on “The Road Less Travelled

  1. I guess either way is not always the best, but it’s good to do what you think is right even if it’s hard. Easier said than doen though. 🙂 A great ponder on the directions we take in life

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