Keeping secrets



The Elks’ Lodge is hosting the annual kids’ Christmas party. Dressed in holiday finery the little ones are awaiting the arrival of Santa, who seems to be late for the event. Trudy and Sally, manning the refreshment table are beginning to get worried. Cecile comes across the room holding the hand of his four year old granddaughter Kylee. He whispers a message to the two ladies and turns to Kylee and says can she stay with Trudy? He needs to leave for a few minutes.

Soon the man in red appears and takes his place on a chair in the corner. An excited group queue up before him. Kylee is thinking her grandpa is missing all the fun as she waits. Finally it’s her turn to climb on Santa’s lap. “Ho, ho, ho,” Santa laughs. “What would you like for Christmas?”

Somewhat puzzled, Kylee studies the beard and the glasses. “Grandpa, is that you in there?” she says softly.

“What do you think?” Santa chuckles.

”You sound like him, but If you are my grandpa, how did  . . .?”

“Santa is really busy this year and he asked me to be his helper. But it will be our secret. All right?” He whispers something else in her ear.

Kylee nods solemnly. “Can I still tell you what I want?” At his nod she leans in and tells him in a whisper, then jumps down and runs back to Trudy.

“Did you tell Santa what you wanted?” Trudy asks.

“Yes, but I can’t tell you. It’s a secret,” Kylee says. “I know another secret. Did you know Santa has helpers? I know someone who is.”


“I can’t say, that’s a secret. When I grow up, I want to be Santa’s helper too. Grandpa says if you keep Christmas in your heart, you can be his helper.”



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