Quiver for Sale

Cupid’s decision did not come lightly. But after eons of endless prods to the heart, he was ready to retire. Indeed, with all the online dating  and a thing called speed dating his efforts were no longer necessary. The world would get along without me, he thought sadly as he posted an ad. On the other hand, he looked forward to a deserved vacation.

Thanks, Patricia, for the inspiring prompt.

: http://patriciasplace.me/2017/01/25/in-other-words-quiver/

6 thoughts on “Quiver for Sale

  1. Fun story but a bit sad, too. I hope Cupid just needs a vacation then will go back to work refreshed and ready to take aim. Thanks for sharing with In Other Words.

  2. Very creative use of our prompt word! Poor cupid doesn’t get a whole lot of attention anymore, funny how much that has changed since I was young! I hope he sells his quiver to someone who is nostalgic and will cherish it, and then takes a great vacation in February this year! 🙂

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