This week’s photo prompt is provided by Kecia Spartin. Thank you Kecia!

Evelyn said to the serpent, “Same old tricks, eh?”

“They’ve worked for years.” Serpent slithered closer, his long body uncoiling to lightly brush her arm.

Evelyn hugged her basket of apples closer,remembering father’s warning about the evil one. Show no fear, she thought and  drew all her three feet, eleven inches as tall as possible.

“Do you not remember the curse put on you?” Evelyn asked. “Father said you’ve spent your life crawling on your belly.”

Serpent hissed his disdain for the life he had endured. “Why do I get the blame all the time? Can’t you people give me a little slack?”

“No one likes you.  You don’t have one kind bone in your body.” Evelyn clutched her basket protectively. “Go away.”

“Those apples. You plan to eat them?”

She had looked forward to Grannie’s apple pie, but to save herself, she began pelting the snake with the apples.

Serpent bent his head in shame and slid away.




18 thoughts on “Parable

  1. I had to laugh when she started to throw the apples! Great take on the prompt, I love the allusions and how the ending differed. Imagine if this had happened originally; I’m sure we’d be in very different places now.

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