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Five Sentence Fiction- Fabric

    The woman bends over the table on which a pile of clothing awaits the iron.  Gnarled fingers brush at strands of hair fallen across her face, as she would brush aside the tedium of her life. Her calloused hands lift the delicate garments belonging to the mistress, impulse brings the silky fabric to her cheek … Continue reading

Five Sentence Fiction-Blades

The morning sun shown playfully among the leaves of the trees, bursting through into a radiance that caused the whole garden to come alive with bees and flower embracing the day in wild dance of abandon, as if the spring breeze had wakened them by tickling their petals. The blades of grass stood tall and … Continue reading

FSF-the Edge

Tremulous, he teetered on the edge wishing he had courage to deal with what lay ahead. The height was so dizzying, he almost fell, but regained a firm toehold and managed to keep his balance. He  glanced below as people went about their own lives, oblivious to the  drama right above them. His former life … Continue reading


This week the Five Sentence Fiction prompt is Purple.  Adding a little fun to the challenge, I included the words ‘past and passed’ that were the subject of a little instructional blog over at Andy’s Words and Pictures.  Actually it was a reply to him that inspired this.  I changed it  a bit to fit the five … Continue reading


This is not original with me–I once heard it.  Thought I could make  it fit the requirements of FSF.   See more FSF stories  at lilliemcferrin John still in bed, turned off the ringing alarm clock, and stayed there,  despite the sunlight filtering though the curtains. “John, it’s time to get up” a voice called from the … Continue reading