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New doctor

Today we are asked to write about a Comedy of Errors. I submit this Comedy in Conversation. Finding medical care in a new town can be frustrating. I was able to make appointments with a dentist and optometrist in the same week. I called to confirm my first one. “Do you have any concerns for … Continue reading

Q is for Quandries in the Craft Room

Some of my fabric did not get my message, so today is when I deal with my stash.  This is where I bring out the big guns.  This is where I take my stand.  Actually, it’s a discussion, with my fabrics asking the questions and me giving the answers (some of which are very hard now that we are … Continue reading

K is Keeping up Appearances

Some of the girlfriends from the neighborhood got together at  a coffee shop this morning.  After the usual catching up the conversation turned to housekeeping advice, specifically tile and grout maintenance.  Most of the kitchens in our tract have the same white tile, thus the same problems.  The solutions were discussed in length; I said that “I don’t have a … Continue reading