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Birthday Breakfast and Pancake Contest

    This morning for my birthday breakfast  we planned to make pancakes (using two mixes–one had to be gluten free.) We  decided to have a contest we dubbed “The Pancake Wars.”  Granddaughter won hands down in the presentation category.  And got the chance to have her pancake be the feature picture for the post.  She also … Continue reading

X is for Xerotic

  No it is not an X rated event. or dance. I will not be writing about anything of that sort. Actually it means dry and arid. Maybe how California feels right now. Sometimes how one’s life can feel. To keep trying to keep posts topical and interesting is difficult. But I continue on, hoping … Continue reading

S is for Stone Soup

Stone Soup is a great story to read to children.  It certainly teaches the value of sharing. The soldiers were great entrepreneurs.  They had  a   need (food) and   sold (so to speak) the villagers on the idea of contributing to the good of all, who thought they were participating in a form of magic. My idea for  … Continue reading

L is for Longed for Landscape

This morning we woke up to a glorious sight.  Snow covered our neighborhood, creating a winter wonderland. Our wish for a white Christmas hadn’t come true this season, so we took advantage of this first snowfall, staying indoors and creating Christmas.  Yes, I admit there were no presents and all the decorations were tucked safely away for … Continue reading