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Alphabet Story is Five

Light the candles, bring on the party, time to celebrate. This month Alphabet Story passed through the toddling stage and is finally growing  up. Tentative first steps into the world of writing (using the alphabet at prompts) next bravely inserting some poetry and then becoming addicted to short stories have led to changes in theme. Thanks … Continue reading

HOPE I walk the old path And let my feet take me Where once they hurried To meet you. Now my steps are halting, My breath labored, My heart beats fast In anticipation. As I reach the point And step from the trees You are there Waiting where We once made a promise.      

Office Temp

In response to the daily prompt I offer this little romance. Office Temp I don’t know how the handkerchief ended up beside me.  The softness surprised me. The daintiness of the lace edge, plus the slight scent, something sweet and ephemeral made me go slightly faint. There’s no room in my life for sentimentality. Around here I’m … Continue reading

Blog O’ My Heart

It all began in the usual way.  I got out of bed(a feat in itself when your my age,) fed the two hungry cats that I live with, put on a pot of water for my morning French press coffee, booted up the cantankerous new laptop and settled down to do battle with the daily … Continue reading