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Y is for Yoga practice Questioned

This story has made news and the headline grabbed my attention.  I had to have the letter Y in my post and when I went searching (idea outlined in the daily prompt) I found this about the practice of Yoga in San Diego schools.  The question of its validity is discussed  here. I have taken yoga … Continue reading

X is for Xerotic

  No it is not an X rated event. or dance. I will not be writing about anything of that sort. Actually it means dry and arid. Maybe how California feels right now. Sometimes how one’s life can feel. To keep trying to keep posts topical and interesting is difficult. But I continue on, hoping … Continue reading

K is for Key to Happiness

  Yesterday when I wrote in another voice, my character definitely needed an attitude adjustment.  My husband read it and asked if the guy was him.  I assured him it was just an imaginary character.  (Hubby takes good care of himself–going to the gym and eating healthy.) But however hard I try to make  this … Continue reading

J is for Juiceless in Jammies

    I have my share of first world problems.  Just when I think things can’t get any worse, it happens.  I’m standing in in front of my overflowing refrigerator looking for the orange juice that my wife always keeps us supplied with. Way in the back hidden by containers of mayonnaise, Dijon and packs of deli … Continue reading

I is for “It’s me, God”

A lady who went to the doctor and was told she was healthy enough to live to be a hundred.  Well she thought, if that’s the case I think I have to make myself look better.   No time like the present.  So off she went to the plastic surgeon and got a nose job.  Then she … Continue reading