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MFTS-Life on the Edge

She lived a life that some would describe as on the edge. When I teased that her reality check had bounced she laughed that delicious laugh and winked. She bumped by arm playfully and said she wasn’t bankrupt yet. She palmed her two lucky nickels and laughed. Then she would go on doing exactly what … Continue reading

P is for Party Time

Today’s prompt to write about ingredients came just as I completed the following poem.  I haven’t title it yet.  Party Time will do for now. Actually, I love entertaining.  I enjoy sharing my kitchen with friends and family who spice our foods with secret ingredients and most of all love.  Hope you are entertained by my poem. … Continue reading

G is for Ghost Story

While I’m waiting for my story stew (using F) to come to a boil, I decided to continue with my poetry.  Here is a little, not so ghosty, ghost story.  I imagined a lonely woman who just needs someone to talk to. There’s a ghost lives in this house though him I can not see. People tell … Continue reading

Glad to Meet You

“I ‘m glad to meet you, Dr. Seuss, I really like you,” says the goose. That laid the golden eggs. “Do you like my  eggs sublime, Do you like them in a rhyme, Do you  like them anytime?” “Oh yes!”  says Seuss, I like them well, I would like them anywhere, I will be a millionaire! … Continue reading

K is Keeping up Appearances

Some of the girlfriends from the neighborhood got together at  a coffee shop this morning.  After the usual catching up the conversation turned to housekeeping advice, specifically tile and grout maintenance.  Most of the kitchens in our tract have the same white tile, thus the same problems.  The solutions were discussed in length; I said that “I don’t have a … Continue reading