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This week’s photo prompt is provided by Louise with The Storyteller’s Abode. Thank you Louise Hubert Cramwell, the 3rd, descended from a long line of sailors,  unfortunately had not inherited the necessary skills for life on the water. Stranded aboard his small vessel he surveyed the sky.  The ominous clouds on the horizon or the sun beating relentlessly … Continue reading

Keeping secrets

                                                   image:   The Elks’ Lodge is hosting the annual kids’ Christmas party. Dressed in holiday finery the little ones are awaiting the arrival of Santa, who seems to be late for the event. Trudy and Sally, manning the refreshment table are beginning to get worried. Cecile comes across the room holding the hand of … Continue reading

Keeping Time

  “Isn’t Keeping Time a misnomer for your title, Jessie?” Mark asked. “How can you keep it? Time I mean. Even the moment I asked that question is gone. Maybe spending time would make more sense.” “You’re wasting my time with this line of thinking,” Jessie said. Why don’t you go spend your time away … Continue reading

The Skinny on Weight Loss

PHOTO by Professor Nudinski adjusted his lab coat over his expanded girth.  He had tried diets and exercise with no success. He was certain his newest experiment would solve the countries concern with obesity. His work had its problems, his lab rats did not always survive. Even so, he thought he had it all worked out; he was ready for this … Continue reading

Blog O’ My Heart

It all began in the usual way.  I got out of bed(a feat in itself when your my age,) fed the two hungry cats that I live with, put on a pot of water for my morning French press coffee, booted up the cantankerous new laptop and settled down to do battle with the daily … Continue reading