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Daily Post: Express Yourself

I’d like your to meet Toby and Noel. Sweet looking cats, right? This is how they  see themselves. Hop on over here to learn more and check out other creative writers.

I is for “It’s me, God”

A lady who went to the doctor and was told she was healthy enough to live to be a hundred.  Well she thought, if that’s the case I think I have to make myself look better.   No time like the present.  So off she went to the plastic surgeon and got a nose job.  Then she … Continue reading

H is for Hand me Downs

Thanks Ben Huberman for the prompt — write about hand me downs, which I prefer to call hand me ups (sounds more positive than the latter.) Growing up with three brothers and no older sister, I did not wear hand me downs.  I would have liked to wear my brothers’ jeans, but my mother deemed … Continue reading