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Life Lessons

This week’s photo prompt is provided by Iain Kelly. Thank you Iain.   He learned about life from the master: Plot your moves, Employ calculated risk to gain advantage, Don’t be a pawn in the hands of abusers, Surround yourself with true friends, Expect that setbacks can be overcome, Don’t let the pressure to win … Continue reading

R is for Redundant

We don’t intend to insult readers, so why do we do it?
Because we’re thinking about our meaning, not our words.
In the great stew of language, words with similar meanings
stick together. When we dip into the pot, we often scoop
out more than we need.
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V is for Victimized or Victorious

It’s easy to let your mind convince you that you are a victim.  Any roadblock that gets in your way becomes another excuse to fuel your mind; to convince you that even though good may come to you somehow you are not worth it.  The standard that you set for yourself is higher than you can attain. … Continue reading

S is for Strength

I’m grateful that people are looking to me for hope; I have great lessons for those who are anxious to learn.  I was formed during a time of great tribulation and out of that, rose to become what I am today.  A place of wonder.  A source of strength. If people would look to the … Continue reading