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T is for TNT

If your wish is to create a story with a lot of energy; in other words a big explosion on the writing scene; then the following quote might be for you. “There is no rule on how to write. Sometimes it comes easily and perfectly; sometimes it’s like drilling rock and then blasting it out … Continue reading

S is for Strength

I’m grateful that people are looking to me for hope; I have great lessons for those who are anxious to learn.  I was formed during a time of great tribulation and out of that, rose to become what I am today.  A place of wonder.  A source of strength. If people would look to the … Continue reading

M is for Misheard Comments and Fun with Puns.

Today I have a few tidbits to pass along to you.  Some are my own, some have no author, but is noted if available.    Yesterday I  phoned a neighbor. “Did you hear that someone was shooting a pellet gun at…,” I said. “Shooting pelicans!  Who would shoot a pelican?”  she said.   I came … Continue reading

L is for Life with Coffee

You know how all the kids get excited just hearing the jingle of the ice cream truck?  Well I would like that replaced with a coffee truck that comes through the neighborhood about four in the afternoon. Hearing the groovy sounds of Java Jive, I would race out to be first in line.  Double espresso with a shot … Continue reading