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Adventures in Moving

We’ve lived on Warbler Lane exactly eight years.  Moved in on August 8, 2007.  Mayflower came and packed up everything today.  The move begins tomorrow as they load a truck bound for our new place in Oregon. We’ll be on the road the following day. The challenge of downsizing began last winter when I blogged … Continue reading

Q is for Quandries in the Craft Room

Some of my fabric did not get my message, so today is when I deal with my stash.  This is where I bring out the big guns.  This is where I take my stand.  Actually, it’s a discussion, with my fabrics asking the questions and me giving the answers (some of which are very hard now that we are … Continue reading

P is for Party’s Over

Time for the Dear John Fabric letter.  The advice Kimberly gives in Step 2 is to talk to your fabric, so here goes: I thought a letter would be less painful than face to face. Dear Stash, You once filled me with so much joy. I loved you the first time I laid eyes on you. … Continue reading

O is Overhauling my Fabric Stash

I’ve had a on again/off again relation with my stash of fabric.  I love it and I hate it.  I hate that it makes me feel guilty–fabric that once made my heart go thump, thump–patterns that called out to me and I couldn’t wait to get it home. Then, once home, I moved on to other … Continue reading