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Zipping past Z on my way to a New Prompt

My three words: asparagus, butter, cat.  I didn’t think about these words ;  typed them as they came to my head… …except for cat.  I had to have c be cat. So here is my offering.  Seriously, I was happy for a chance to bypass Z.  This little story is just a bit of mischief.  … Continue reading

Daily prompt: An Odd Trio

Daily prompt: An Odd Trio

An Odd Trio Today, you can write about whatever you what — but your post must include, in whatever role you see fit, a cat, a bowl of soup, and a beach towel. Word-Girl cannot turn down a challenge like this—even if it means getting derailed from the Alphabet–I can go back to that on Monday (I’m … Continue reading

I is for Interuption (Day 9)

My post for  Day 9 did not happen.  Maybe some of you noted the omission.  I take this challenge seriously,  so if you are one of many with spoons and empty bowls, I’m sorry.  I did start a post called “Intersection” about three people in the park and how their lives intersect in a way … Continue reading

Knock Your Socks Off Hearty Holiday Soup

I think I love the day after Thanksgiving more than the day itself.  That’s when I pull the turkey carcass from the fridge to perform my magic and turn it into the best soup ever!  It takes a while so I start after breakfast. And I consider it mostly cost-free and certainly healthy. The  turkey bones go into my large pasta … Continue reading