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K is for Knockout

  The last post, while I didn’t make It into the hoop, I at least stayed in the court.  Today, I’m switching sports and hoping for a knockout. By the way, I watched an old movie from 1968 on TMC called “The Thomas Crown Affair.”  Within the first few minutes the Crown fellow sets up … Continue reading

J is for Jumpshot

My thoughts (in the middle of the night) were a bit jumbled. (It started with the word between.) I’m feeling like the guy on the court who has the ball and  seconds to make his shot.  It will or won’t make it. I’ll leave it to my readers to be the judge.   Maybe you’ll all call foul! … Continue reading

J is for Juiceless in Jammies

    I have my share of first world problems.  Just when I think things can’t get any worse, it happens.  I’m standing in in front of my overflowing refrigerator looking for the orange juice that my wife always keeps us supplied with. Way in the back hidden by containers of mayonnaise, Dijon and packs of deli … Continue reading

Living with an invisible Lifejacket

I’m sure if there is such a thing as an invisible life vest than I’m wearing one an a daily basis…(there is and it’s called a dependence on God).  Having made it way into my seventies, seventy-five in July (can you believe I just gave away my age?),  actually I’m proud to be able to say it!  What’s … Continue reading

X is for Xyst or Xystus

Here I am, stalking the dreaded X!    Working my way through the dictionary’s list of words, (finding some good scrabble entries, by the way) I finally come to a word I could  write about: Xyst (pronounced zist) means a roofed area used by the ancient Greeks for athletic training.   I can hear the husband saying “Honey, I’m going down to the … Continue reading