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H is for Hasty Decision (Part 2 of Stone Soup)

  The last time we were with Wendy  (part 1) she was face to face with Walter, a very sleepy wombat.  (Two new words were suggested.  Thank you Heather for “wild and worthy.” ) I will attempt to use them. “I neeed time to think,” sighed Wendy. “Well, hurry up! Time’s a wasting.” The wombat still held the watch … Continue reading

Stone Soup Update using the letter W

Stone Soup Update Wunce upon a time, a young woman named Wendy, who worked as a waitress, wandered through a lovely woodland on her way to work. As she walked along the path, she stopped to watch a woodpecker at work, and to enjoy the wisteria blooms along the way. Suddenly on the path before … Continue reading

W is for Where we make Stone Soup

Stone Soup –The Story Chapter One Where we stir in some magic I have my pot of stones so to speak.  I’m waiting for some words to spice it up.  Since I’m on the letter W, will you join me in adding words that begin with that letter. I thought of waitress and watch. What ingredients would … Continue reading

S is for Stone Soup

Stone Soup is a great story to read to children.  It certainly teaches the value of sharing. The soldiers were great entrepreneurs.  They had  a   need (food) and   sold (so to speak) the villagers on the idea of contributing to the good of all, who thought they were participating in a form of magic. My idea for  … Continue reading