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Keeping Time

  “Isn’t Keeping Time a misnomer for your title, Jessie?” Mark asked. “How can you keep it? Time I mean. Even the moment I asked that question is gone. Maybe spending time would make more sense.” “You’re wasting my time with this line of thinking,” Jessie said. Why don’t you go spend your time away … Continue reading

P is for Perfect Timing

I love how fate sometimes places me in he perfect spot at the perfect time to receive some small blessing;  an unexpected meeting with an old friend, a gorgeous sunset, or a moonrise on a still winter evening.  A few minutes either way and the events change. Sometime we are in such a hurry to … Continue reading

I is for Interuption (Day 9)

My post for  Day 9 did not happen.  Maybe some of you noted the omission.  I take this challenge seriously,  so if you are one of many with spoons and empty bowls, I’m sorry.  I did start a post called “Intersection” about three people in the park and how their lives intersect in a way … Continue reading

N is for Novel Letter

A letter from myself to me: Dear  aspiring writer, I never thought you could do it!  You are actually writing more than just five sentences at a time. Not that I don’t just love your Five Sentence Fiction, but a writer has to stretch his wings and grow. You have logged in almost 20,000 words … Continue reading

U is for Untitled

Well, with a title like that, I can write about anything. Right? For all utilitarian reasons though, I feel it is best to commit my post something utterly useful. But that theme lies undiscovered in the far reaches of my mind. I could write about ukuleles.   My brother owned one as a teenager and would play … Continue reading