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The Road Less Travelled

This week’s photo prompt is provided by Louise with The Storyteller’s Abode. Thank you Louise The prompt reminded me of Robert Frost’s poem, The Road not Taken.  I wrote in free verse, loosely using the idea. At the end of the first four lines is his title.   When given choices, there is the tendency … Continue reading

W is for What Viewpoint

I would like to follow up on the prompt from yesterday (titled V is for Viewpoint.) It was rather lazy of me (smile) to simply repost another’s work for my word viewpoint. I could have gone ahead and just answered the prompt, but the demands of the day would not give me sufficient time to finish … Continue reading

J is for Juiceless in Jammies

    I have my share of first world problems.  Just when I think things can’t get any worse, it happens.  I’m standing in in front of my overflowing refrigerator looking for the orange juice that my wife always keeps us supplied with. Way in the back hidden by containers of mayonnaise, Dijon and packs of deli … Continue reading

B is for Beaches

My favorite spot has to have a room with a view.  Not just any view, but specifically a view of the ocean.  My beach front property would not be the warm sandy beach of some island resort.  I’ve been to Fiji and  vacationed in Hawaii (how much better could you get than that, you may ask).  … Continue reading

M is for Monkeying Around

  Just for fun, I decided to travel via my computer, and never have to leave my comfortable chair (except for a coffee refill).  I invite you to come along with me.  The ticket is free and you can stop along the way for longer visits if you like. The first stop is at an … Continue reading