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Spread a little Kindness

My husband and I were tired on this last two days of  a journey by train.  Our car filled up quickly.  A mother and two small children(preschool age) took seats in front of us. Usually we bring snacks and reading materials, knitting for me if I get tired of reading.  Or we can easily fall … Continue reading

New Year’s Greeting

New Year’s Greeting

Happy New Year to everyone!  By now you may have made and probably broken all your resolutions.  I have found that it is useless to spend time thinking and planning what I should change about myself if they will be cast aside the following week.   (I’ll spare you the details of what my list would … Continue reading

A is for Adventures on the Volga

An offer of a trip to Russia with a cruise along the Volga River really grabbed my attention! And when I made my wish known to my husband, he immediately jumped on board!  In less than 24 hours we had our reservations. We already had passports, but we began to have a few reservations ourselves, when … Continue reading

I is for Island

Just got back from a vacation to the islands in Puget Sound off the coast of Washington.  It was a wonderful trip.  The weather was idyllic.  The scenery was amazing.  Food was great! My last post was for H,  so Don said the next one had to be about Islands.  Isn’t that great timing!  So here … Continue reading