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T is for treasure (part 2)

Writing 101, Day Twenty: The Things We Treasure Tell us the story of your most-prized possession.            T is for Twenty-four Things to Treasure Just to look at me, you’d never know something about me…something I’d rather not tell…but here goes.  I am a robber.  I’ve never served  time behind bars for my crime.  Well sort of.  … Continue reading

T is for Things to Treasure (Part 1)

Today we receive the last assignment of Writing 101.  I’m happy that it fits with my letter of the day.  It has happened more than once this challenge.  For those who might not know, I decided on day one to up my personal challenge and include a letter of the alphabet  as a title. I plan to keep … Continue reading

R is for Raze

Writing 101 (Day 18) They said Mr. Pauley died; just like that, he did.  One day he went off to his job at  Pratt’s Shoe Store and didn’t come home.  My mama said they found him in the storeroom on the floor surrounded by some boxes of shoes that they thought fell around him when … Continue reading

I is for Interuption (Day 9)

My post for  Day 9 did not happen.  Maybe some of you noted the omission.  I take this challenge seriously,  so if you are one of many with spoons and empty bowls, I’m sorry.  I did start a post called “Intersection” about three people in the park and how their lives intersect in a way … Continue reading