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Keeping Time

  “Isn’t Keeping Time a misnomer for your title, Jessie?” Mark asked. “How can you keep it? Time I mean. Even the moment I asked that question is gone. Maybe spending time would make more sense.” “You’re wasting my time with this line of thinking,” Jessie said. Why don’t you go spend your time away … Continue reading

O is for Oh, those Blogging Blues

  I simply cannot decide on what to write about today. (Michelle tackles this subject here.)  The Daily prompt suggests to write about being a rock.  Whoopee.   I wished they had ask us to write about my  life as a car.  I think I could have managed that.  But I don’t think I would describe myself as a rock. … Continue reading

L is forLiving Long and Full

  “Happily ever after” worms its way into our psyche from the very first fairytale heard as a child. From early on we hold to the belief that “all you have to do is be this perfect princess and await to be rescued”  and you will be rewarded with the happy ever after. (HEA for short) Sure, these heroines have … Continue reading

K is Knowing what to Crop

Writing is easy. All you have to do is cross out the wrong words.                                                                                                       — Mark Twain I love to read anything written by Mark Twain.  He makes it look easy.  Sure.  He knows all the wrong words to cross out and all the right words to leave in.  Yep, that sure seems easy. … Continue reading