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G is for Game On!

I love challenges!  This week a new one came in my e-mail from  fellow writer, Marcia Johnson.  Tighten up your writing by following her tips in her challenge called “Tighten This.”  Check her site weekly for new challenges.

E is for Easy Soup

The daily prompt:  If a restaurant named something after you, what would it be?  It would have to be something awesome.  And have an awesome name.  Like Arvilla’s Awesome Alphabet Soup.  Not the one that comes in a can.  The kind I grew up loving. This soup is special- a scrumptious blend of ingredients that … Continue reading

C is for Copy Cats

Toby and Noel, who sometime appear in my posts,  sat with me while I read the posts about switching places. (Visit that prompt here.) They have since hinted they’d like their own blog like “The Cat Chronicles.” Of course I said no.  They pointed out the fact that other human bloggers got to trade places, so why not them? … Continue reading

X is for Xerotic

  No it is not an X rated event. or dance. I will not be writing about anything of that sort. Actually it means dry and arid. Maybe how California feels right now. Sometimes how one’s life can feel. To keep trying to keep posts topical and interesting is difficult. But I continue on, hoping … Continue reading

U is for Unthought

Poetry can sometimes take my breath away.  Pausing to savor the taste and texture of the words.  Words that never lose their flavor, but stay with me, the sweetness on my tongue. Feelings flowing across the page waiting for me to devour them, digest them, store them away so they will always be available to  nourish … Continue reading