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C is for Clairvoyant

There once was a clairvoyant With methods very flambouyant Raised the ghost of Houdini And also Puccini Amazing his most sceptic clients.

A is for Abandon

A little bit of free verse. (darker than I usually write) “Abandon your silly dreams,” he said. “What you think you get by holdin’ on? You think that someday fate will grant your wish. I can tell you this- the only thing you get is your dreams slapped back in your face and the world laughin’ at … Continue reading

Z is for Zip to Perfrction

“Perfection is like chasing the horizon. Keep moving.”  Neil Gaiman I made the mistake (typo-I do know how to spell) when I typed in the title to this post.  I thought it was humorous due to the seriousness of the subject. Anyway, according to the prompt today is not a writing day, but a reading day.  … Continue reading