Jo loved school, it was a warm safe place to be. Fridays were hated because at the end of the day life became uncertain. At the closing bell, classmates eagerly rushed off to their weekends. Jo was in no hurry,  already dreading the coming hours.  Mother would be late again. Maybe she wouldn’t even show up … Continue reading

Quiver for Sale

Cupid’s decision did not come lightly. But after eons of endless prods to the heart, he was ready to retire. Indeed, with all the online dating  and a thing called speed dating his efforts were no longer necessary. The world would get along without me, he thought sadly as he posted an ad. On the other … Continue reading

Keeping secrets

                                                   image: girlmeetsdress.com   The Elks’ Lodge is hosting the annual kids’ Christmas party. Dressed in holiday finery the little ones are awaiting the arrival of Santa, who seems to be late for the event. Trudy and Sally, manning the refreshment table are beginning to get worried. Cecile comes across the room holding the hand of … Continue reading


This week’s photo prompt is provided by Maria with Doodles and Scribbles. Thank you Maria!   In the town at the edge of nowhere, hope was not allowed to show itself. Christmas, no longer celebrated, was only a memory housed in the brain of the oldest resident. If you asked, he would stroke his long beard … Continue reading

A Sensitive Issue

I’d like to introduce Danielle McCallister from Douglas County, Oregon. The mother of 4 children and a stay at home mom, Danielle also attends school.  She is passionate about education, and loves science and anything related to geology. She says “My husband and I have been married for almost 12 years (our anniversary falls on Thanksgiving … Continue reading