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MFTS-The Cat’s Lament

Finish the story begins with:  “Now this is living the life of Riley.” Yes, Barbara, another fun challenge! Here is my poetic response. Now this is living the life of Riley. Yep, Riley’s the name And relaxin’s the game Twentyfour-seven it’s the same Livin’ the life of Riley. Now this is living the life of Riley. … Continue reading

X is for Xerotic

  No it is not an X rated event. or dance. I will not be writing about anything of that sort. Actually it means dry and arid. Maybe how California feels right now. Sometimes how one’s life can feel. To keep trying to keep posts topical and interesting is difficult. But I continue on, hoping … Continue reading

Happiness in Small Moments

I heard a quote recently:  the gist of it was to enjoy the small stuff, ’cause someday it will be big stuff.  So I’ve decided to find small moments that will someday hold a big place in my memories. My list of things that make me happy. Munching on homemade scones with honey butter.  ( a freshly … Continue reading