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P is for Party Time

Today’s prompt to write about ingredients came just as I completed the following poem.  I haven’t title it yet.  Party Time will do for now. Actually, I love entertaining.  I enjoy sharing my kitchen with friends and family who spice our foods with secret ingredients and most of all love.  Hope you are entertained by my poem. … Continue reading


L is for Life is just a bowl of Cherries and sometimes it’s the Pits

Life used to be easier when my  bowl was heaping with good health and agility.  Lately, I feel that some of that old vitality has left, leaving just the pits. The hearing is not so great anymore.  Just the other morning hubby came out of the kitchen and said “Do we have any more easy opening … Continue reading


J is for Joy

It’s Sunday morning and we are sitting drinking coffee when there is a phone call from our granddaughter.  She wants to come see us and  soon she is at the door.  (two buzzes is a signal that it is her).  She brings blueberry scones, still warm from the oven. She is so excited.  She tells … Continue reading