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Quirky Solutions to Pesky Problems

I’ve always been one to just try and make do.  Maybe it’s just the penny pincher in me that makes me try and find an alternate method of fixing things without having to buy something specific.  I also like to try and stay away from chemicals in some cleaners.  I have this arsenal of  ideas that I pass on to anyone … Continue reading

Knock Your Socks Off Hearty Holiday Soup

I think I love the day after Thanksgiving more than the day itself.  That’s when I pull the turkey carcass from the fridge to perform my magic and turn it into the best soup ever!  It takes a while so I start after breakfast. And I consider it mostly cost-free and certainly healthy. The  turkey bones go into my large pasta … Continue reading


Gertie is making her fourth appearance for this weeks prompt-Feast.  Actually the apple pie will be the star in this wrap up of her story . If you’re just joining read the first, second and third parts and not miss any of the fun. The pie was still warm and infused the interior of the car with … Continue reading

Juggling words… is it stuffing or dressing?

This little post is all about getting ready for thanksgiving dinner, inviting guests , planning details about the menu, while taking everybody’s needs into consideration. In the past we  had huge gatherings  at my brothers home.  (I’m missing those fabulous dinners.)  Friends and family gathered together and while there were vegetarians (heard of tofurky?) and even those with … Continue reading