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Surprise Visit, cont.

If you didn’t read the first part, go to Surprise Visit. Over cake and coffee, Mae learned of Henry’s adventures up and down the west coast. He apologized for not keeping in touch, but the last six years had been difficult, going from job to job.  He evaded any hint of why he had left … Continue reading

Spread a little Kindness

My husband and I were tired on this last two days of  a journey by train.  Our car filled up quickly.  A mother and two small children(preschool age) took seats in front of us. Usually we bring snacks and reading materials, knitting for me if I get tired of reading.  Or we can easily fall … Continue reading

J is for Joy

It’s Sunday morning and we are sitting drinking coffee when there is a phone call from our granddaughter.  She wants to come see us and  soon she is at the door.  (two buzzes is a signal that it is her).  She brings blueberry scones, still warm from the oven. She is so excited.  She tells … Continue reading

G is for Gratitude

I was just beginning the idea for this  entry,  when I read another blog challenge from Karen E. Green on “400 things that I love.” So to fit in with my ‘G’ entry I thought to tweak it and make it  “What I’m grateful for in 400 words”. But first a few quotes on gratitude:   … Continue reading