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P is for Party Time

Today’s prompt to write about ingredients came just as I completed the following poem.  I haven’t title it yet.  Party Time will do for now. Actually, I love entertaining.  I enjoy sharing my kitchen with friends and family who spice our foods with secret ingredients and most of all love.  Hope you are entertained by my poem. … Continue reading

K is for Knockout

  The last post, while I didn’t make It into the hoop, I at least stayed in the court.  Today, I’m switching sports and hoping for a knockout. By the way, I watched an old movie from 1968 on TMC called “The Thomas Crown Affair.”  Within the first few minutes the Crown fellow sets up … Continue reading


Cora, still excited by papa’s Christmas stories, snuggled in bed and let visions of sugar plums come dancing in her head. Papa could make the stories come alive as he spun his own version of the night before Christmas, and now her mind was a-jumble with Santa,  mice and sugar canes in competition with mysterious noises downstairs. Curiosity finally … Continue reading