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Surprise Visit, cont.

If you didn’t read the first part, go to Surprise Visit. Over cake and coffee, Mae learned of Henry’s adventures up and down the west coast. He apologized for not keeping in touch, but the last six years had been difficult, going from job to job.  He evaded any hint of why he had left … Continue reading

Y is Yea for Yardage

Recently, I entered a contest at Bistro Quilts and I won this wonderful stack of fat quarters.I began salivating when I opened the package.  They are absolutely gorgeous, containing my favorite colors.  ( also included  is a pattern for a quilted bag, which I’m planning to start soon)  Thanks,  Michael.  (And yesiree!  I’m smiling). There is enough to … Continue reading

Q is for Quilts

Well, I guess those of you who know me  would think I’d start talking about quilts.   I love quilting a lot,  but I’m not going to start a tutorial here or brag about my quilts. But for the purpose of analogy,  I guess I will talk about quilts. When I first begin a quilt it is just … Continue reading