“Captain, the lights! Aren’t they spectacular? What are they?”

“Some kind of celebration, I suppose.”

“Of course, Sir. But we never had any of that back home. What do you think it’s all about?”

“Haven’t the slightest. Enjoy it while you can. It won’t be long now.”

“Do we have to . . . I mean, I know we have our orders and all, but-”

“If you’re not up to the task, just say so. I’ll put another of the crew in your place. No matter to me if you want to cop out. Not sure what your mates will say, though. And the final  step will be demotion when we get back.”

“But complete annihilation? I can’t understand.”

“Step aside from the controls. I’ll do it myself.” Captain shoved the younger man aside and hit a succession of flashing dials. In seconds it was complete. The show over, their craft hovered to observe the nothingness.

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