Alphabet Blessings

tea cup

My Cup runneth over.  How I got started, here.

  1. God’s abundant love for me.
  2. I woke up this morning.  At my age, each day is cause to celebrate.
  3. Joy of reading.  Need new glasses, but I can still enjoy:
  4. Sunsets as I walk each evening.
  5. My husband beginning his day in the kitchen making coffee
  6. A cup of coffee each morning.  Then
  7. Hot biscuits with honey butter made by me .
  8. My new Pilates class at church.
  9. My dental hygienist who cared enough to invite me to the class.
  10. The fact that I can mange to do the exercise.
  11. Pebbles in my shoe to bring attention to something I need to change.
  12. Friends who drop by for visits
  13. Friends who bring chocolate when they drop by for visits.
  14. Snow!
  15. Our white Christmas dinner in January.
  16. I didn’t break any bones when I fell as I was walking
  17. I can still walk, though al little slower
  18. I had time while my body was recovering to finish a short story.
  19. That I made the deadline, by 24 hours.
  20. My husband and I are enjoying our house guest who knows how to cook.
  21. Nathan's chicken.



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