P is for Perfect Timing

I love how fate sometimes places me in he perfect spot at the perfect time to receive some small blessing;  an unexpected meeting with an old friend, a gorgeous sunset, or a moonrise on a still winter evening.  A few minutes either way and the events change.

Sometime we are in such a hurry to get to where we are going, we miss opportunities to enjoy the beauty around us.  The man hurrying down the street with his attention on his phone (and already late it seems) does not understand time.  The mother, distracted by texting on her phone, misses out on the fielder her son just hit in his ball game.  The family at the next table all engaged in their own cellphones  only interact with the waitress when she takes their orders.

And I am pointing fingers when I need to work on some things myself.  I admire Rachel who has decided to be ever present in the moment.  Her blog and book (never preachy) are a pleasure to read. I get inspiration from her writings.

Often we have the idea that the perfect day will be tomorrow (or any point in the future).  We just have to work hard (or get through) or (survive) until we finally make it.  How much are we missing on the way?  Alan Watts has a lot to say about this.  His book is reviewed here.

In an Ordinary  Miracle Day, Sarah takes us on a journey drawing out attention to small and large miracles that shouldn’t be missed.

In the past I wrote about Time as a prompt dealing with treasures.

How fleeting time is.  No matter our station in life it is dealt out in the same 24 increments.  How do you view time?  What spoonful of wisdom would you add to the discussion?

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