K is for Knockout


The last post, while I didn’t make It into the hoop, I at least stayed in the court.  Today, I’m switching sports and hoping for a knockout.

By the way, I watched an old movie from 1968 on TMC called “The Thomas Crown Affair.”  Within the first few minutes the Crown fellow sets up a bank heist and (using my line) tells his hired thug, “Don’t ask questions.  What you don’t know can’t hurt you.”  Of course it did, though.  I felt he deserved it though.  He wasn’t innocent.  He knew even without the questions.

But on to my knockout poetry.  Which involves sports by the way.  And which if you remember the melody to “Sunrise, Sunset,” you can sing along.

Where is the Handsome guy she married?
Where is the love of yesterday? 
When did he start to watch the ballgames
             day after day?

Where's the vacation time he promised?
Where is he on each holiday?
They all are spent in cheering his team
             play by play.

Sunrise, sunset, sunrise, sunset
Happily flow his days
One game right after another
             followed by action replays.

Place the popcorn upon the table,
Drink up the beer, refill the glass
Watch as the batter runs full circle.
             Cheer the fullback's touchdown pass!

Now the husbands growing older
He falls asleep as the game's begun,
Rousing in time for celebration
             When victory is won.

Sunrise, sunset, sunrise, sunset
Lonely wife endures the years
One sport season following another,
             She sighs as another game appears.

Hope you enjoyed this.  I wrote it back in 1994 and thought it appropriate for now.

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