FSF -Delicate

Here is my response to the FSF prompt: Delicate.  Visit Lillie McFerrin to view more entries.

Jacob remembered a girl from his last year in college.

She had not lived in the dorm, but instead, lived at home with her ailing father.

He met her  once when she  had dropped an armload of books on her way into the library, and he  helped pick them up despite her protests.

Handing over the books, her hand trembled delicately at his touch and he managed to ask her name.

“Eva” she said as the door closed behind her.

9 thoughts on “FSF -Delicate

  1. Such a cute story and memory of a love that could have been. I think there is so much here; the fact she lived with her ailing father suggests her life was not her own to live and missing out on the opportunity with Jacob. Good story telling in such few words. x

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