G is for Give and Take

The assignment today is :Write a post based on the contrast between two things — whether people, objects, emotions, places, or something else.


This is my offering.  Imagine if you will, a marriage counselor’s office.

The two sat in front of the counselor; their chairs placed purposely close, but still far enough apart for comfort.

“We tend to have a happy marriage,”  Noun said, dabbing at her eyes with a tissue.

“Except that she usually insists on being first.”  Verb sniffed audibly.

“That’s not true!”  Noun said.  “Don’t you remember  ‘Run, Spot, run? I let you be first and last and I was squeezed in the middle…So uncomfortable,” she ended in a whisper.

“Wanna know what else she does?” He glared at her.  “She never liked me for who I am.  Always trying to make me over…adding ‘ing” and turning me into a noun just like her.  I just wanna be myself.”

Counselor said “Um, let’s just move on.  What seems to be the present problem?”

Noun (a little too loudly) said, “He always has this entourage following and thinks verbs are so important because he has so many friends.  He thinks they’re more important than I am.  He even carries around this thing that resembles  a staff that he let’s his friends hang onto when they’re together.”

“I’m not hat kind of guy.  I can’t help it if they want to be with me.  But it doesn’t mean a thing.  You’ve always been the only one.”  He looked at the counselor who was studying his fingernails. ” Hey, it could still be just the two of us, but she has all these characters over on her side.  She says they bolster her up.  Frankly, I think she still looks pretty good on her own.  Why need them?  Some of them are quite colorful, I admit.  A couple are quite funny and keep me entertained. They can be sweet, but frankly, there are some vulgar ones that I do not like.” Verb grew quiet, spent.

“I’m sorry.” Noun said.  Whatever happened to simple times, like when we just spent time together without ever other Tom, Dick, and Harry hanging on to everything we do?”

The counselor forgot his love affair with his fingernails and sat up straight to regain his authority over the situation.  “So you both admit to being  somewhat at fault.  Pointing fingers will just not work here.  You both could bear a little self-analysis.  It might me that standing fast together might help.  You can’t let others invade your life.  Focus on what drew you together in the first place.  Take a second honeymoon.  See what happens when there’s just the two of you.”

Noun reached out her hand and Verb grabbed hold and held fast. They could do this;  it would be hard work, but they could have a future together.


8 thoughts on “G is for Give and Take

  1. Loving this line “forgot his love affair with his fingernails”. I can see him lost in his own thoughts bitting his nails and then just as quickly being brought back to the task at hand.

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