Zipping past Z on my way to a New Prompt

My three words: asparagus, butter, cat.  I didn’t think about these words ;  typed them as they came to my head…

…except for cat.  I had to have c be cat.

So here is my offering.  Seriously, I was happy for a chance to bypass Z.  This little story is just a bit of mischief.  Of course it is totally made up.  My cat would never do such a thing!…

The table was laid with Martha’s best china and silver (down to the silver butter dish which sat opened in the center of the table.) All that was needed was for the guests to be seated and the first course, a splendid cream of asparagus soup, to be delivered to the table.

The cat, beloved and pampered pet of Martha’s husband, chose this moment for his entry.  Maybe he knew the butter dish was on the table,  perhaps not (as the husband would like to believe, but Martha knew differently.)  You can make up your own mind as to said cat’s intention.  I have my own thoughts about this, personally aware about a cat’s  passion for butter!

All twelve pounds of cat landed right in the middle of the white damask table-cloth, feet splayed wide for balance, nearly missing several water goblets;  mouth positioned over the butter.

At that very moment the first guest, old Mrs. Totten, entered. (picture if you will this little tableau: eyes wide and a scream frozen on her lips.  And then Martha’s response.)   Now I know you all are on pins and needles just wondering how this will end…(Me, too!)  Goodness knows, these prompts can be challenging!

So you will just have to wait (me, too) for the ending to this dilemma.  D, E and F will be my next letters, just to follow along with the prompt.  Any suggestions?  I might like them and use them.

to be cont.’


The daily prompt is to use any three words beginning with a b and c.

2 thoughts on “Zipping past Z on my way to a New Prompt

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