D is for Daily Prompt with letters D, E, and F

First off, thanks to Ben Hubberman for using my suggestion for the daily prompt on Friday. Read it here.

Today I will write about working myself in a corner using defense, excuse , effort and furry.

The last post I wrote about the cat worried me and I just couldn’t come up with an appropriate ending.   And in my defense, I can say  it was the busiest time ever for me, but that is really an empty excuse that doesn’t hold up–even I know that since I did find time to play scrabble.  (but I’m talking creative effort here. That takes more effort than a round of scrabble.)  Which is another excuse.  I’m running out of them at this point.

Another writer found herself is a somewhat similar situation.  I don’t know if she writes about cats or plays scrabble, but she sound a lot like me.  Alienora’s response to the prompt is here.

But anyway, back to my situation.  I hope it is alright that my little cast of characters in the cat story do not resolve their problem.  I feel most sorry for the cat  (surely his actions call for punishment) but if you love the furry friends like I do, it’s hard to imagine a harsh ending.

So forgive me.  I worked myself in a corner and no matter how long I worried, those words just kept me a prisoner there and no amount of waiting would help.   No my friends, that little tableau I painted will just have to stay frozen until some inspiration grabs me and  set me free.

Perhaps someone can write their version of how it ended.  Please do and I will post it.  Maybe you could turn it into haiku or poetry.  Ruth effectively used the prompt in prose. Another blogger wrote a haiku Here .  Moving toward the light  wrote a poem I can relate to.

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