G is for Ghost Story

While I’m waiting for my story stew (using F) to come to a boil, I decided to continue with my poetry.  Here is a little, not so ghosty, ghost story.  I imagined a lonely woman who just needs someone to talk to.

There’s a ghost lives in this house

though him I can not see.

People tell me nothin’s there,

But I  knows just where

to look.

And  I’m hopin’ some day soon

he’ll make a mistake

and show his self.

Nothin’ harmful ’bout my ghost

who only comes, I think

for a bit of compn’y,

but then is feared

 to show his self.

Like me, I think

he’s just a bit too shy.

I could do with a friend

what would take the time

to reminisce.

But there’s no one  what wants  time

 with an old lady what sees ghosts

and talks to herself.

I wisht I had a visit with

the ghost lives in this house.

Got something to season my kettle of soup? Stir it in and savor the flavor.

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